Are you prepared to uncover, explore and embody the essence of who you are at soul level?


We are Souls having a human experience. As creators of this experience, we also have free will and get to confront the consequences of our choices, positive or negative. Making choices in alignment with our spiritual nature leads to positive results and fulfillment so knowing our Soul’s qualities allows us to make better choices.


We live in an energetic field of information that “records” every thought, feeling or action made by every soul from the beginning of times. Soul Realignment® is an intuitive healing modality utilizing this fleid, known as the Akashic Records, to retrieve accurate information related to your Soul’s traits and potential blocks restricting your access to vital energy. Upon clearing of these limitations it becomes easier to make choices expressing your true self and so attract more energy and abundance into your life.

Soul Realignment® is for you if what you aim to:

  • Banish self-sabotage and old patterns of dysfunction in your life.
  • Get to know your Divine Nature in this lifetime.
  • Stop cycles of unhealthy relationships.
  • Make life decisions that light you up from your Soul.
  • Release negative karma and take action towards a happier life.
  • Understand the power of choice and how to use it, unique to you.
  • Have more time to enjoy life by only taking actions that support your Soul.




Discover your innate gifts, clarify core needs, understand triggers, explore origins and receive alignment guidance.

 120 100 €


Uncover and release soul-level blocks and restrictions, exposing subconscious patterns that limit your access to vital force energy.

 120 80 €


Gain clarity on your primary and secondary life lessons, decoding the wisdom of your journey and revealing the roadmap.

 120 80 €


Reveal and clear the blocks and restrictions within your property, understanding their impact and enhancing your well-being.

60 €

this is your sign!


If you’re longing  for absolute clarity about your soul’s purpose and the roadmap to creating the life you envision, then Soul Essentials Program is for you. You have the opportunity to liberate yourself from subconcious blocks, foster an environment that wholeheartedly nurtures your ambitions and findind your way forward with confidence and clarity.

What’s Included:

  • Soul Discovery Session
  • Soul Realignment Session
  • Life Lessons Session
  • Property Realignment Session

Don’t wait any longer to embark on this transformative journey. 

Your future self will thank you.

420 €  250 €



Uncover your soul’s history with closed ones, understand their essence, explore shared lifetimes, agreements and address blocks affecting your relationships.

 120 80 €


Investigate current challenges and negative patterns in your life. Identify root causes, blocks and choices contributing to these patterns. 

 120 80 €


 Discover your spiritual support system and connect with your loving team of guides, understanding their presence and characteristics.

 120 80 €


Assess the balance of your body’s main energy centers and identify how imbalances affect your life. Gain insights to rebalance and realign.

95€ 80 €

Soul Realignment® Sessions are avalable also in VOUCHER form.

Delight your loved ones with a transformative sessions designed to unveil the essence of their soul. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or simply to show you care, this kind of gift offers a profound journey of self-discovery and alignment.


Before the session I am contacting you for providing the following information for the reading to occur: Date of birth, place of birth, full name at birth, full name now. I conduct a reading and clearing in preparation for our session. In the session, I’ll verbally report the findings and we’ll discuss how to apply the insights to your life. Afterward, you’ll receive the recording and usualy a homework to reinforce the clearing’s work.

It’s about implementing learned insights into tangible actions. Clearing energetic blocks provides a potential for change, but the shift is experienced through conscious choices and actions in daily life. When you take actions aligned with your soul essence, you have more energy, feel more inspired and create positive results in your life more easily results in your life. 

The clearing process relieves the feeling of being stuck in old patterns. After the session, clients experience a window of time when they are highly supported energetically. The true transformation occurs when new insights are translated by the client into conscious decisions and actions, shaping a different outcome in their life.

Soul Realignment® was meticulously crafted by Andrrea Hess, a renowned psychic and online entrepreneur, in 2007. Andrrea aimed to devise an intuitive healing system devoid of prevalent spiritual dogma, aligning it with Universal Law and catering to the logical, thinking mind.

To facilitate the sessions, I require permission from the recipient. If you’re purchasing on behalf of someone else, kindly ensure you have their consent. If it’s intended as a gift, please specify in the comments section. I’ll prepare and send you a digital voucher so the recipient can then book their session at their convenience. 

Absolutely! It’s a transformative experience for tutors to gain insight into their child’s soul essence. Readings can be conducted for children older than 4 months and will only proceed with parental permission.

To confirm your session, payment is required. Please note that missed, cancelled or rescheduled appointments within 72 hours of the session will incur the full payment. Preparation for your session demands several hours beforehand, making timely cancellations essential.

Absolutely. All sessions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your exploration and growth.