We are looking at:

  • Specific Challenges: Identify current challenges and negative patterns within your chosen life situation, such as attracting emotionally unavailable partners, dealing with challenging children or facing professional obstacles.
  • Root Causes: Explore the energetic root causes behind these challenges.
  • Blocks and Restrictions: Understand the blocks and restrictions contributing to your encountered challenges.
  • Manifestation Choices: Examine the choices you’ve made that manifest these specific life patterns and associated challenges.
  • Revealing Imbalance: Gain insight into the imbalances in your choices and actions, contributing to the challenges you face.


What You Receive:

  • Personal Soul Reading: A comprehensive analysis in preparation for our session.
  • 1:1 Session (60 min): Online video call session dedicated to exploring your specific life situation.
  • Summary (PDF): A summary outlining key aspects discussed.
  • Session recording: Video and audio recording of the session for future reference.


Upon your payment being confirmed, I will contact you to get your details and set the date and time of your sessions.