We are looking at:

  • Primary Life Lesson: Identify the main theme you chose to explore and master in this existence.
  • Secondary Life Lessons: Discover the sub-themes surrounding the primary theme.
  • Completion Status: Assess the current level of completion for each lesson.
  • Challenges: Understand the aspects of each lesson you are currently working to overcome.
  • Manifestation in Life Areas: Determine in which life areas these challenges are currently showing up.


What You Receive:

  • Personal Soul Reading: A comprehensive analysis in preparation for our session.
  • 1:1 Session (60 min): Online video call session dedicated to exploring your soul’s life lessons.
  • Soul’s Lessons Summary (PDF): A summary outlining key aspects of your soul’s profile.
  • Session recording: Video and audio recording of the session for future reference.


Upon your payment being confirmed, I will contact you to get your details and set the date and time of your sessions.