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Back in 2019, I was achieving the promotion I had been dreaming of – becoming the brand manager of one of the largest global brands at only 22 years old. It seemed like everything was falling into place. I was young, successful, with excellent prospects ahead. I had financial stability, a loving relationship and the luxury of holidays.

But despite all of this, I felt a deep sense of emptiness inside.

I went the extra mile. I began a business, purchased my dream house and doubled my income by offering marketing consultancy services, ticking off everything from the “You will be happy when…” list. But it didn’t work.

So, I kind of decided to throw away the list, the social norms, others’ opinions – to discard the illusions, empty promises and the feeling of being adrift.

I say “kind of decided” because I had worked with over 20 personal and spiritual growth methodologies. I achieved massive inner transformations and committed to becoming a coach, obtaining prestigious certifications and a toolbox full of powerful tools. But still, I was not taking the massive action needed to shift my physical world.

I was scared. I craved clarity, confidence and direction. For a long time, I had one foot in and one foot out and this was tearing me apart. It was something I couldn’t articulate, something that went beyond limiting beliefs. I needed a compelling gut feeling of “this is the way” to gather the courage to take the leap.

All of this changed when I started my journey with Soul Realignment® , receiving profound, resonant answers, engaging in clearing work and taking aligned actions. I literally turned my life upside down within just 6 months. Initially, I decided to depart from my 7+ years marketing career and transitioned to HR to better live my gifts by leading training and learning experiences. Shortly after, within a matter of weeks, my partner received a relocation offer to Italy. I experienced the most powerful gut feeling of “this is the way” from my entire life. I knew this was the invitation to take the big leap.

I left everything – quit my 9-to-5 job, closed my side business, put my dream house up for sale, said goodbye to my faamily, packed up our entire life and moved to Italy with my partner and our dog. I embraced all my fears, took responsibility for my life and began writing my own story.

Currently, I am offering the same kind of clarity, confidence and soul-level support that enabled me to shift my life for real through Soul Realignment® sessions and other holistic tools.

Life is meant to be lived with abundance – of joy, of time, of money, of meaningful relationships – simply by embracing our most authentic selves.

If you are seeking this kind of life, let’s work together.