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Alexandra Constantin

Holistic coach and trainer.

Left my 7+ years corporate career to move abroad with my partner and create from scratch a life that feels trully aligned with my soul’s calling.

Authenticity Channel.Ed is now my heart-centered space, where I offer resources and transformative experiences for those who want to step up into being the powerful creators of their own lives.

Experience a unique approach

In addition to traditional coaching tools, I harness the power of Soul Realignment® — an intuitive healing modality that enables me extract accurate information from your Soul’s Akashic Records.

This methodology provides precise guidance, empowering you to align career choices with who you are at soul-level, uncovering your innate gifts, longings and purpose. With this clarity, you can navigate confidently both your career and life with greater ease and purpose, following the path of least resistance.

Soul-Guided Vocational Orientation

Discover who you are at soul-level and leverage this powerful insights to navigate your career path with clarity and purpose.

Purposeful Career Program

Receive support and guidance at every stage of aligning your career with your calling by joining a transformative 6-week coaching program.

Soul Realignment®

Continue to delve into profound self-discovery and overcome subconscious barriers across various aspects of life trough soul-level work.


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